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eufy RoboVac Review

eufy RoboVac (view product ) is an autonomous vacuum which competes against products like Tesvor Robot Vacuum, Amarey Robot Vacuum and iClebo Robot Vacuum. Compared to its peers, eufy RoboVac is one of the better-performing products in its category, with an overall ranking of #6 out of 16 total products.

To review and rank eufy RoboVac, we spent approximately 30 hours reviewing the top 10 robotic vacuums based on 120 data points such as self-charging, battery performance and virtual assistant support (see the full criteria list).

  • :
  • Voice assistant support: Can each brand be controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Home? Does each manufacturer connect with voice assistant devices?
  • Battery life: How long does each brand last between charges? How long is the battery life for each manufacturer?
  • Automatic charging: Does each brand automatically return to the charging port? Does each manufacturer self-charge?
  • Hardwood cleaning: Does each brand clean hardwood floors effectively? Can each manufacturer clean hardwood floors well?
  • Low noise level: How quiet is each brand? Does each manufacturer have low noise levels?
  • Suction power: How good is each brand's vacuum's suction power? Does each manufacturer have strong suction power?
  • Dust bin capacity: Does each brand have a larger dust bin capacity? How much dust bin capacity does each manufacturer have?
  • Carpet to wood transitioning: Can each brand's vacuums transition from carpet to wood floorings? Are each manufacturers able to transition from carpet to wood floorings?
  • IOS compatibility: Does each brand have iOS compatibility? Can each manufacturer connect iOS applications?
  • Android compatibility: Can each brand app run on an Android device? Does each manufacturer have Android compatibility?
  • Mobile app: Does each brand come with a mobile app? Does each manufacturer offer a mobile app?

eufy RoboVac's strengths are:

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eufy RoboVac

Made by EufyLifeview
Today's lowest price
Rated 5.0 - 15 reviews

About the Manufacturer

EufyLife is a small to mid-size company operating the e-commerce site eufylife.com. EufyLife sells its products and services in the robot vacuum cleaners industry. EufyLife is a less active brand when it comes to discounting and offering coupons. EufyLife has good ratings among shoppers on Knoji, with 34 ratings and an average rating of 4.0 stars. EufyLife scores very well compared to other brands in the robot vacuum cleaners industry, providing 17 e-commerce features to better serve its customers.

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